East & Concord Partners has an extensive experience in assisting large multinational retail enterprises and know the inner workings of retail operation and its legal complexities which allow our lawyers to provide comprehensive legal service from retail establishing to business operating.

Professional services that we provide in the field of establishment of business enterprises mainly involve the following:
•  Designing the investment and trading structure;
•  Legal Due Diligence;
•  Contract drafting and negotiating;
•  Transfer of designs, assets, goods, rights and interests and takeover plan;
•  Formulating liquidation scheme.

Professional services that we provide in the field of the establishment of stores include:
•  Assisting in determining store construction scheme;
•  Drafting relevant documents and assisting in negotiations.

In the aspect of store operations, our firm provides the following legal services:
•  Anti-unfair competition;
•  Anti-commercial bribery;
•  Asset information protection;
•  Store responsibilities;
•  Customer information protection;
•  Product quality, product packaging, product promotions and advertisements.

In the field of chain-store operations, East & Concord Partners has extensive knowledge and a competitive edge in the knowledge of brand building, goods procurement, employee training, logistics arrangement and administrative management.




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