Foreign Direct Investment has always been a strength here at East & Concord Partners, and is one of our long-standing areas of practice. Our clients include domestic and  foreign entities, and this is not only due to our advantage in professional expertise, but also due to our lawyers’ understanding of domestic and foreign legal cultures and their skills in operating cross-border tasks. Some of the fields in which we offer outstanding  legal services include, but is not limited to:

•  Legal due diligence;
•  Design of investment and trading structures;
•  Legal document drafting/review/modification;
•  Submitting applications for the establishment of a new enterprise to relevant government departments such as the Commerce departments and administrative departments for Industry and Commerce;
•  Analysis of the legality of daily business activities;
•  Management arrangements, board of directors consultancy;
•  Labor contracts or employee arrangements;
•  Equity transfers & mortgages;
•  Assets pricing, transfers, and pledges;
•  Financing and guarantees;
•  Dispute resolution (either among shareholders or with a third party); and
•  Company dissolution and liquidation.




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