Charles Feng Appointed Supreme Law Expert Case Advisory Committee (Beijing) Expert Advisory Committee Expert

On August 7, 2017, a semi-annual conference of Consulting Experts Committee of the IP Guiding Case Research Center (Beijing) of Supreme People’s Court, which was organized by the Experts Autonomous Management Committee, was held at Beijing Intellectual Property Court. The IP Guiding Case Research Center, approved by the Supreme People’s Court and located at the Beijing IP Court, is run by influential scholars and lawyers in IP protection who are responsible for selecting, editing and compiling guiding cases as well as summarizing, publishing judicial experience and rules in IP protection.


Many influential judges, officials, scholars and lawyers, including Mr. Su Chi, Chief Justice of Beijing IP Court and also the Director of the Case Research Center, Ms. Song Yushui, Vice President of Beijing IP Court, Mr. Jin Kesheng, Director of the Experts Autonomous Management Committee, and Mr. Pu Xiang, General Secretary of the Experts Autonomous Management Committee, attended the conference. Recognizing his expertise and influence in intellectual property protection, Charles Feng, partner of East & Concord Partners, was appointed as one of the Consulting Experts of the IP Guiding Case Research Center for the conference, together with influential scholars and lawyers such as Professor Feng Xiaoqing of China University of Political Science and Law, Professor Du Ying of Central University of Finance and Economics and Mr. Xu Jiali, Director of Intellectual Property Committee of China Case Law Society. The conference was held by Associate Professor Yao Huanqing, Convener of Copyright Consulting Experts Committee.

After a brief introduction of the operation of the Consulting Experts Committee, Chief Justice Su Chi issued the appointment letters to the newly appointed consulting experts. The conference also witnessed the establishment of the Research Committee of Extraterritorial Cases. After that, some consulting experts reported at the conference on the progress of their research projects. The attendees also held a discussion about how to exercise the responsibilities of consulting experts. Mr. Jin Kesheng and other consulting experts shared their experiences and impressions with others. Lastly, Chief Justice Su Chi delivered the closing speech in which he expressed hope that the newly appointed consulting experts would actively fulfill their roles and make further contributions to the Intellectual Property protection in China.


The establishment of the Guiding Cases Research Center, as Tao Kaiyuan, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, puts it, is an important measure to comprehensively implement the principle of governing the country by law, a system innovation of judicial reform of Intellectual Property protection and also an effective method to acquire judicial justice in Intellectual Property protection.

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