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    • Li Dajin: How to Perform our Duties Deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress, Member of the 13th CPPCC member, and Chief of East & Concord

      I am a practicing lawyer from Beijing and 2018 is the 36th year of my career. Fortunately, I’ve also served as NPC deputy and/or CPPCC member in the past 15 years. When participating in political affairs in the capacity of a lawyer, I got an opportunity to experience a different life and improve myself. Working in two different capacities, I benefited a lot from trying to fulfill my duties in both capacities in various different ways.

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    • Hangzhou: A City of Blessings

      Visiting Jiangnan in March, I expected a spring shower and warm breeze to bring some misty romance to the willow-graced West Lake. However, bright sunshine offered a totally different but still enjoyable ambience.

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    • Ideas
      East & Concord: go with the tide and forge ahead.

      Indeed, there will always be winners and losers. But East & Concord, the combination of two strong firms, understands thoroughly that the key lies in the harmony of mind. So it spent two years to merge truly in terms of personnel, finance, and possessions, blazing a unique trail in corporate governance. Disruption may be a big and serious term, yet it will be no exaggeration if we use it to refer to the innovative first year of East & Concord.

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