A shared belief of East & Concord partners is that the recruitment and cultivation of talents are critical for the long-term development of a law firm and the top priority in cultivating talents is to infuse in them the team spirit.

Based on this, East & Concord has established a complete lawyer and other employee training system over the past decade and the system includes but is not limited to employee guidebook, lectures on work ethics, training sessions delivered by partners for s


  • Paralegal

    1. LLM degree or above. Those who have studied abroad are preferred.
    2. Certificate for the Legal Profession (Certificate A).
    3. Relatively good command of English. Those who are able to draft legal instruments in English are preferred.
    4. Good writing skills and interpersonal skills.
    5. Team spirit, proficient and ability to execute.

  • Special

    1.LLM degree or above. Those who studied abroad are preferred.
    2.Capable of handling cases independently with good communication and collaboration skills.
    3.Two years or more of experience as a specialized lawyer with no bad record.
    4.Relatively good command of English, fluent speaking and capability to draft legal instruments in English.
    5.Good theoretical attainment in law, good oral and written language skills.
    6.Identification with East & Concord’s business mode

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