Our Commitment

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Our Commitment

East & Concord Partners has a total of 12 departments in order to best meet clients’ needs. These departments include: company legal affairs, commercial dispute resolution, criminal litigation, finance and securities, asset financing, anti-dumping/anti-trust and unfair competition, intellectual property, basic infrastructure projects, real estate, mining and natural resources, TMT businesses and Japanese businesses. The same system also applies to East & Concord Partners’ branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan Hangzhou, Chengdu and Nanjing. In addition to performing within their own fields, all departments cooperate so as to satisfy the multi-disciplinary demands of our clients. The administrative and finance departments provide strong support for the entire firm to ensure best allocation of resources enabling the highest standard in business operation.

In the competitive climate of China all law firms must face the challenge of maintaining a stable team. Prerequisites for guaranteeing high quality service are team stability and continued focus on our vision for sustained development and expansion. Faced with fierce competition for qualified personnel, East & Concord Partners has established, implemented, and refined a promotion framework for our associates and staff members. Such a framework not only provides a clear vision and goal for our ambitious personnel, it also ensures that East & Concord Partners can consistently attract new talent.

East & Concord has a distinctive culture and spirit; we strongly believe that successful lawyers can and should help others to succeed, and a successful law firm can and should help better society and develop the legal system while satisfying client needs. With this belief in mind, East & Concord has brought together a group of the most talented, conscientious, socially responsible and passionate professionals. We pledge all of our efforts to support each other, grow together and achieve our goals.

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