East & Concord Partners Appointed as Specially-invited Mediators by Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court


To strengthen the construction of diversified dispute resolution mechanism and improve the quality and efficiency of mediation, Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court appointed 31 specially-invited mediators from administrative authorities, industry associations and social organizations. The appointment ceremony was held in the Culture Exchange Center of Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court on June 22. Partner Tao Wang and Associate Sulan Tang from East & Concord Partners were appointed as specially-invited mediators for Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court with a term of three years.

The in-depth advancement of the reform of diversified dispute resolution mechanism is an important measure for the people’s courts to deepen the judicial reform and realize people-oriented justice and impartial justice. As an essential social force to resolve contradictions and disputes, specially-invited mediators are appointed, instructed and trained by the people’s courts, and should conduct mediation according to law as appointed by the people’s court before a case is docketed or as authorized by the people’s court after a case is docketed, so as to enable the parties to reach a mediation agreement and settle disputes on the basis of equal consultation, and to promote social fairness and justice and maintain social harmony and stability.

The appointment of the specially-invited mediators was strongly supported by Shenzhen University, the Mediation Center of the Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Shenzhen), the Service Center for Insurance Consumers’ Lawful Rights and Interests, the Promotion Society for the Protection of Lawful Rights and Interests of Consumers in the Banking Industry, Shenzhen Lawyers Association, Shenzhen Banking Association and Shenzhen Psychological Consultant Association, who recommended excellent talents in different fields, covering law, psychology, management, medicine and other majors. Zhiguang Hu, party member and the vice president of the Court and Qiang Zhang, party member and director of the Political Department presented the appointment ceremony and issued certificates to the specially-invited mediators.

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