East & Concord listed One of the Most Suitable Law Firms to Work for in 2020 by Jiemian News

Recently, China’s well established original news media Jiemian News released the results of the top 100 law firms on the list of Jiemian. East & Concord Partners was recognized for its excellent professional strength and industry reputation and was noted as “one of the most suitable law firms to work with in 2020”, and the comprehensive score of East & Concord Partners reached 9.611, ranking fourth therein.

This survey involves 12 specific measurement indicators: job satisfaction, law firm’s culture, working hours, salary, work quality, law firm’s prospect, career prospect, transparency, employee training, colleague/partner relationship, public welfare activities/free service and employment threshold.

East & Concord Partners always pays attention to the construction and cultivation of talents, encourages employees to focus on shaping rigorous and solid professional quality and moral integrity, and grow together with the law firm. East & Concord Partners has been rated as the best employer by many well-known media for many years, and once again ranked on the list of Jiemian with high scores, which fully demonstrates East & Concord Partners’ reputation within the legal industry.

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