Home-Featured Town PPP Project in Nankang District, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province

Being one of the first featured town projects selected by Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Jiangxi Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development in August 2017, this project is a major project of Jiangxi Province, and is applying for the fourth PPP demonstrative projects of the Ministry of Finance. Nankang District People’s Government plans to, by implementing this project, realize the upgrading and transformation of the furniture industry, the local pillar industry, promote overall sustainable development of Nankang District, focus on industrial upgrading, promote the quality of supply, advance the current supply-side structural reform, push forward industry-city integration and the new-type urbanization process, and build an image of Nankang as an international home.    The project includes three sub-projects, namely Nankang home-featured town construction project, the supporting project to extend Gannan Avenue west and that to extend Jingan North Avenue in Nankang District north. The construction is expected be completed in two years. 


As the legal counsel of Nankang District People’s Government, this firm is responsible for designing detailed plans for early stage procedures, examining, reviewing and revising PPP project contracts at the bidding stage, holding negotiations with the bidders at the negotiation stage, revising and updating project agreements, innovating performance appraisal plan, and resolving the compliance problem of communication between the consortium and the government and potential bidders.

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