East & Concord Partners Assisted YAPP in Successfully Passing the IPO Deliberation of CSRC

On March 13, 2018, the IPO and listing program (hereinafter referred to as “this program”) of YAPP Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “YAPP”) passed the deliberation of China Securities Regulatory Commission for the Issuance Examination Committee at its 44th meeting in 2018. YAPP applied for IPO and was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange Main-board Market. It proposed to issue 60 million A-shares in the IPO. East & Concord Partners was the counsel for this  project and provided comprehensive legal services for YAPP.

YAPP is an auto parts enterprise specialized in developing, manufacturing, and selling auto fuel systems and its products are mainly auto plastic fuel tank (PFT) and oil filler pipes. In 2017, YAPP and its holding subsidiaries sold a total of 9,503,700 PFTs inChinaand abroad, of which 7,543,900 PFTs were sold inChina, accounting for 30.41% of the domestic fuel tank market. It has core and stable domestic and foreign client groups.

The legal team for this program was led by Xiaodong Hu and Meiying Zhang, partners of East & Concord  Corporate and Securities Department, and included Associates Qian Lu and Yuan Gao. The legal team for this program, dedicated to providing legal services in such areas as capital market, company mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, have in the past handled legal affairs of enterprise shareholding reformation, stock issuance and listing, company reorganization and mergers and acquisitions and refinancing of listed companies.

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