Commercial Bribery Crime Seminar


On March 30, 2018, “Commercial Bribery Crime Seminar” jointly sponsored by East & Concord Partners and China In-house Counsel Alliance was held at Beijing Landmark Hotel as scheduled. Lianjun Du, partner of East & Concord Partners, and Rui Shi, former senior procurator, each delivered a keynote speech. The seminar attracted more than 40 general counsels, legal affairs managers, and friends from the media.


Lianjun Du delivered a keynote speech entitled “Clarification of the elements of commercial bribery crime and prevention strategies,” in which he started with “the basic concept of commercial bribery crime” before making a systematic and comprehensive elaboration on such contents as “relevant legal provisions on commercial bribery crime,” “clarification of the elements of bribery crime and analysis of key issues” and “prevention and control of criminal risks of commercial bribery in enterprises.” Thereafter, former senior procurator Rui Shi talked about criminal compliance focusing on the recently adopted Supervision Law.



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