Putuo Judges Invited to Lecture on Labor Disputes

On June 12, 2018, at the invitation of East & Concord Partners Shanghai Office,  Lixing Shao, vice president of the First Civil Division of Shanghai Putuo District People’s Court, and Jun Hou, senior judge in the field of labor dispute, held a seminar on “Risk Control and Management of Common Labor Disputes in Enterprises—Litigation Practices of Terminating Labor Contracts”, which attracted more than 60 participants including corporate executives, legal managers and attorneys. 

“Try to think like a judge!” In this seminar, the two judges discussed labor disputes in enterprises from trial practices and current legal provisions. Lixing Shao first introduced the main features of labor disputes, existing problems, difficulties and hot issues arising after the new business situation. She said that under such circumstance, enterprises should keep pace with the times. On the one hand, the labor management system should be standardized. On the other hand, legal knowledge should be constantly updated so as to cope with labor disputes arising in the course of implementing rules and regulations. Subsequently, Jun Hou summarized different circumstances of the cancellation and termination of labor contracts, explained corresponding legal regulations and common problems in great details, and shared different methods in trial practices through a series of classic cases. Furthermore, he put forward some suggestions and tips on risk prevention. Their professionalism and rich trial experience in the field of labor disputes were well received by all participants. 

The seminar is not only a professional sharing on labor disputes, but also a practical instruction for enterprises to create a sound business environment. After the sharing, participants exchanged opinions and discussed with the two judges on relevant legal issues and expressed their appreciation to the professional and practical lectures given by the judges.

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