How Enterprises Deal with Anti-monopoly Compliance under New Situation


2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the implementation of the Anti-monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China. The integration of law enforcement authorities is of significant importance and has surely exerted profound impact on the anti-monopoly law in China. On this subject, Partner Dongping Liu of East & Concord Partners gave a lecture titled “The Anti-monopoly Compliance of Enterprises under New Situation” for nearly 50 legal personnel and executives from various well known companies.




In this lecture, Partner Liu shared her insight and opinion with the participants in four major sections: Part One: The Integration of Law Enforcement Authorities in China—A New Chapter of Anti-monopoly Compliance; Part Two: The Anti-monopoly Compliance of Enterprises under New Situation—the Development and Changes of Entity Rules; Part Three: Procedures of Anti-monopoly Investigation under New Situation—the Development of Procedures and Countermeasures; Part Four: Internet—Opportunities and Challenges of Anti-monopoly Compliance. 


With solid theoretical accumulations, vivid case analyses and rich practical experience, Partner Liu’s lecture was very informative. Many participants commented gaining information regarding the countermeasures of anti-monopoly compliance of enterprises and how to protect the rights and interests of enterprises under the existing legal frame. 

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