Different Teams, One Dream

During October 19-22, 2017, people from East & Concord’s Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Hangzhou offices and the Criminal Litigation Department, Finance Department, and Marketing Department of the Beijing Head Office came together for a team building event. On October 19, Director Li Dajin and Mr. Chen Feng of the Management Committee also came to Hangzhou to give instructions and support the warmup activities of the event.

This team building event was first initiated as a joint event of the four branch offices and then grew into a larger event that involved seven departments throughout the firm, with around 130 participants. The organization work progressed smoothly thanks to perfect coordination between all departments and people involved.

Team building actually started beforehand when people began discussing and planning the event. People were picked up from their arrival points, given a tour, and accompanied to their hotel to check-in. Everything went smoothly and this was in a way the first test our team stood.

The best part of this event was the trip to Daqi Mountain. Every young face was brightened up with strong determination and willpower and everyone was high-spirited. During the trip people helped one another and soon got familiar. Strangers became acquaintances and individuals formed a team, holding hands and helping each other through. The rope ring game was especially interesting. When the rope held in everyone’s hands moved into a perfect circle and stayed that way as the team kept swinging in perfect rhythm, everyone was so cautious and exerted every bit of their strength to ensure that those walking on the rope can stay in good balance and finish their walk successfully. Everyone was important and a strong synergy ensured success for the rope walkers. This was what teamwork meant. One team one mind led us to be strong and invincible. We were tired but very happy.

The team building event did not last long but the bond formed will surely last. People from different offices shared their experience enthusiastically and this was exactly what East & Concord expected from integration. After the team building event, we kept thinking that East & Concord was mine; if I had been the one walking on the rope, what could I have done to keep the people trying their best to keep me safe? Also, we believed East & Concord was ours and every single person mattered; as one of those holding the rope what should we do to offer strong support to the walker? At East & Concord, how can we form synergy and march towards a better and brighter future?

East & Concord gathers its people with a shared dream and the people formed a team and built a new dream. East & Concord is young and is starting anew.

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