How to Prevent IP Risks for Enterprises' Strategic IP Construction

On August 16, Bing Guan, partner at East & Concord Partners gave a lecture titled “Prevention and Countermeasures of Risks of Enterprise Intellectual Property”. Legal personnel and executives from well known companies attended the lecture.

Bing Guan gave a detailed discussion from five aspects: what are the risks of enterprise intellectual property; the source of risks; crisis of enterprise intellectual property; the types of risks and case studies; the prevention and countermeasures of enterprise intellectual property.

Intellectual property strategy is an important part of the enterprise development strategy. However, the intellectual property strategy is often overlooked by enterprises. Guan hopes that her lecture and detailed case studies will aid the company executives and legal personnel to have a clearer understanding of how to avoid and solve intellectual property risks in the strategic development of enterprises and how to construct intellectual property strategy so as to facilitate enterprise innovation and improve their competitiveness. 

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