The Two Sessions Carry the Mission and the Proposals Show Responsibility

With the effective control of COVID-19 in China, the two sessions were held in May in Beijing, which had been postponed for about two months. Li Dajin, director of East & Concord Partners, also attended the conference as scheduled and started fulfilling his duties again.

As a member of the National People’s Congress and member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference for eight consecutive years, Li has always been well prepared for the conference, including 11 proposals carefully drafted by him.

In view of the problems exposed during the period of fight against COVID-19, Li  put forward such four proposals as “the proposal on the problems faced by and suggestions in response to major public health emergencies”, “the proposal on rescuing small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of pandemic crisis”, “the proposal on responding to the concerns of the masses when eliminating reckless eating of wild animals”, “the proposal on banning temporary wildlife exhibition and performance” with a view to helping improve the overall capability of Chinese society to resist risks.

In order to boost economic development and promote a more mature, complete and enforceable economic reform plan, Li  put forward “the proposal on improving the dispute resolution method of the government-social capital cooperation agreement”,  “the proposal on perfecting data legislation from the perspective of data rights and values”, “the proposal on ensuring the legal cross-border flow of data in the implementation of the One Belt and One Road strategy and the optimization of the business environment system construction” and “the proposal on promoting the deep integration of the cultural industry and the ecological industry”, giving advice with regard to the future development of the Chinese economy.

In relation to how to strengthen the construction of professional teams, Li  put forward “the proposal to establish a cross-appointment (temporary positions serving) system among judge’s assistants, prosecutor’s assistants and trainee lawyers”, “the proposal on strengthening administrative supervision of personal information protection” and “the proposal on seriously and practically responding to the proposals made by the CPPCC members”, which would help improve the national governance systems and capabilities, and improve the rule of law construction planning.

Li said that the significance and responsibilities of the conference were incomparable, and he would continue to fulfil his professional obligations, express opinions and suggestions in relation to the Civil Code, and would certainly perform his due diligence and live up to the full trust placed in him.

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