INTELLIGEAST FORUM 2019 – Li Dajin’s Speech on Winning Strategies of Leading Firms

On November 18, 2019, “INTELLIGEAST FORUM 2019 - Beyond the Law” was successfully held in Shanghai Tower, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, China. This forum focused on “law and internationalism”, “law and technology”, “law and business”, “law and future”, attracting more than 1,000 elite representatives from legal, business and academic circles at home and abroad. Li Dajin, director of East & Concord Partners, Wang Hong and Lu Hong, responsible persons of Shanghai office, Dorothy Xing and Wang Dong, managing partners, Chen Xiangyu and Yang Bin, partners of East & Concord Partners were invited to attend the forum.

Li delivered a speech “Winning Strategies of Leading Firms” in the Ultimate Dialogue process. Li said that China’s 40 years of reform and opening up and the recovery of China’s legal system over the past 40 years were inseparable from the efforts of 460,000 lawyers. East & Concord Partners was formed when East Associate Law Firm and Concord & Partners merged five years ago. East Associate Law Firm and Concord & Partners were established in the early 1990s, and all three founders of East Associate Law Firm and seven of eight founders of Concord & Partners are still practicing at East & Concord Partners. Perseverance is one of the characteristics of East & Concord Partners.

The second characteristic is cooperation, which is a flexible and adjustable system. This system has its own complexity, behind which is the simplicity, inclusiveness and flexibility of the management pursued by East & Concord Partners.

The third characteristic of East & Concord Partners is growth. In the words of Li: “I pursue and strive to make the young people of our law firm feel that they will have at least three things to do. First, there is a development path. When they come to our law firm, they can roughly know what they will achieve in the next five years, which is very important for young people. Secondly, each lawyer of our law firm must have a profession, be subordinate to a department, and have a partner to lead him, because the law firm should focus on succession. Thirdly, I especially hope that the young people of our law firm have the opportunity to relax and have time to fall in love.”

Finally, in the face of the question of “what is the future of the law firm after going beyond the law”, Li said: “every generation of people has its own mission and ambition.  I hope that after 40 years, all Chinese lawyers will shoulder another responsibility, that is, to cultivate China’s legal service market, so that we can practice with dignity.”

In the future, East & Concord Partners will continue to give full play to its own advantages and strive to provide professional, high-quality and efficient integrated legal services for clients.

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