In the early 1990s when the real estate legal service was undervalued by other law firms, East & Concord Partners established a distinct legal department for real estate which we developed and has since maintained good long-term cooperation with the Beijing Administration of State Resources and Housing. Our firm has provided a great many legal services for domestic, large-sized state-owned and private real estate developers, and has acted as a legal advisor for more than 100 real estate projects, companies, and financiers. Additionally, our legal department for real estate has cooperated with the corporate and direct investment and listing legal departments to provide targeted real estate legal services involving direct investment, corporate restructuring for mergers & acquisitions, equity transformation and listings for domestic and foreign companies.

Main services within this field include:
•  Initial stages of land development;
•  Land allocation and transfer;
•  Establishment and finance of the project company;
•  Project planning, design, construction, supervision, management, construction, and mortgage financing;
•  The drafting and negotiation of real estate development or construction contract;
•  Other services related to real estate development or construction;
•  Real estate' s mortgage, sales and leasing;
•  Establishment of the property management company;
•  Review, drafting and negotiation of different types of property service contract;
•  Project property bidding;
•  Property service facilities, procurement, and its repair;
•  Disputes resolutions regarding property management.


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