Family and Wealth Management is one of the core practice areas of East & Concord Partners which provides high-net-worth clients with comprehensive legal services for wealth management and estate planning.

The Family and Wealth Management team of East & Concord Partners is led by the first group of senior partners who have been engaging in the field of marriage and inheritance in China for more than 25 years and have been involved in the field of private wealth management. All members of the team have graduated from domestic or foreign universities and have rich experience in legal service of Family and Wealth Management. Some members have worked in finance and foreign investment fields for many years, and are experts in comprehensively utilizing laws and wealth inheritance tools to help clients realize the management and preservation of wealth, formulate personalized estate planning, effectively isolate wealth risks, and prevent and resolve disputes about inheritance.

Scope of service:

● Marriage dissolution and child support

Drafting and revising the pre-marital property agreement, marital property division agreement, marital settlement agreement and other legal documents for domestic or cross-border dissolution of marriage.

Providing legal advice for domestic or cross-border marriage cases; dealing with marriage crisis; participating in negotiation and mediation of marriage rescue or divorce; representing spouse in marital settlement agreement, divorce litigation, and property disputes after dissolution and enforcement of legal documents.

Representing clients in mediation and litigation related to division of property, and assisting in settlement of common and marital properties.

Obtaining or changing the custody and guardianship of children and resolving disputes related to child visitation rights, spousal and child support payments.

Conducting pre-immigration property risk assessment and planning for high-net-worth clients.

● Wills and inheritance

Carrying out planning and designing of estate distribution scheme and bequest scheme for clients, providing legal opinions and corresponding legal services.

Handling the attorney witness for holographic wills, allograph testaments, notarized wills, audio wills, video wills, oral wills, and acting as the custodian or executor of the will.

Providing legal opinions on inheritance and bequest disputes; representing clients in relation to the negotiation and mediation of inheritance and bequest disputes, the  entire process of litigation related to inheritance and bequest disputes and enforcement cases of effective legal documents.

● Wealth management and inheritance

Carrying out property risk assessment and investment planning for high-net-worth clients according to individual estate planning.

Comprehensive use of wills, insurance, trust, equity holding, immigration, charity and other inheritance tools to design wealth management and inheritance schemes for clients.

Providing legal advice and formulating service schemes on the equity structure of high-net-worth family enterprise clients, and the tax issues of entrepreneurs and their shareholding enterprises.


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