As one of the leading law firms in the practice area of government legal affairs, East & Concord Partners has been providing comprehensive and specialized legal services to central state organs and local governments at all levels. Through long-term services for Chinese government and institutions, East & Concord Partners has a profound and thorough understanding of the concepts, principles, procedures, methods and requirements of the administration by governments and institutions at all levels, and possesses extensive experience in handling professional administrative affairs. 

Our practice area in government legal affairs not only facilitates the administrations of governments and institutions at all levels, but also provides all-round legal services for projects and interests involving administrative affairs of enterprises, institutions and individuals. 

The scope and content of our legal services for government legal affairs include but are not limited to:

Legal services on legislation and institutional improvement: participating in legislative research, demonstration and drafting; providing legal advice on relevant regulations, rules and normative documents that are to be released or revised; assisting in reviewing and evaluating laws and regulations, lists of powers and public service matters; conducting fair competition examinations of policies and measures as well as regular evaluations; participating in the assessment and review of administrative compliance and business environment. 

Legal services on administrative enforcement: reviewing government information publicity and comments; participating in administrative licensing, examination and approval and punishment procedures and provide legal advice; representing cases on administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation; providing legal advice to substantial administrative decision-making and important administrative acts; analyzing and proposing plans for legal consequences that might be caused by specific administrative acts.  

Legal services on government procurement: assisting in the research and formulation of government procurement policies; drafting and reviewing procurement bidding documents; drafting, revising and reviewing administrative contracts, civil contracts or other legal documents related to administrative agencies; participating in competitive negotiations and consultations on government procurement.

Legal services on compliance: providing compliance consultation, construction of compliance system, due diligence of internal compliance related to daily operation; reviewing compliance risk assessments; assisting enterprises and institutions in complying with due diligence requirements of governmental departments? diligence of government departments, and crisis management and control.


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