East & Concord Partners acts as a legal advisor for many domestic and foreign commercial banks, and has a legal team that excels in the fields of banking and finance. Through more than a decade of experience and growth, we have already become one of the most respected legal teams in the field of finance law. Our clients in this field include various financial institutions such as banks under supervision of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Insurance Regulatory Commission in addition to institutions involving trusts, securities, funds, insurance, asset management, currency brokerage, auto finance, financial corporations, consumer finance, and financial leasing.

Professional services that we provide in the field of Banking and Finance mainly involve, but is not limited to, the following:
•  Commercial loans, syndicate loans, purchaser/seller credit, notes, factoring, wealth management, foreign exchange, guarantees, debt restructuring and liquidation, international cooperation, risk control, and dispute resolution;
•  Structural design and planning of trust company' s products, due diligence of trust projects, the drafting/review/revision of legal documents, and dispute resolution regarding trust-related contracts;
•  Establishment and reorganization of insurance companies, planning the use and management of insurance funds, structural design and preparation of contracts for asset-backed plans, disposal of non-performing assets, creditor support plans for real estate, risk control for insurance companies and asset management companies;
•  Establishment and arrangement of various public offering or private placements and asset management companies, due diligence for investment projects and its trading structure, and the drafting and review of related legal documents;
•  Compliance and risk control for guarantee companies, establishment of credit guarantee companies, structural design and contract drafting for projects and asset management, and businesses regarding cooperation in asset management;
•  Securities company and other financial institutions taking part in financial derivative products, margin trading, asset management channels, credit asset securitization business;
•  E-commerce, P2P, crowd-funding, and small-loan businesses.


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