Recently, there have been dramatic changes in labor law, and East & Concord Partners has top-tier experts in this field who are able to foresee trends in legislation and government policies and offer effective legal services according to company' s needs in the unique Chinese market.

In the field of the corporate system and labor law, we offer the following services:
•  Drafting and revising employment contracts, employee confidentiality, training, non-compete and dispatch agreements for senior management and other employees, and other related agreements in connection with labor issues;
•  Drafting and revising collective contracts;
•  Reviewing and revising employee handbooks and introduction of employee' s duties;
•  Drafting and revising company rules regarding the duties, payment of salary and benefits, reward and disciplinary actions, employee evaluations, confidentiality, workplace safety and employee training system;
•  Drafting and implementing additional employee insurance plans (enterprise annuity plan);
•  Designing employee stock option plans.

In the field of human resources, we offer the following services:
•  Assisting in establishing company rules and regulations and the labor contract system;
•  Assisting in the formation and operation of trade union or employee representative congress;
•  Assisting corporate clients in collective bargaining;
•  Assisting in employee recruitment and workforce reduction;
•  Designing HR resolution in mergers and acquisitions;
•  Representing enterprises in labor dispute.


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