Dispute Resolution is yet another one of East & Concord Partners’ traditional and fundamental legal fields with rich practical experience. Quite a few of our firm’s lawyers act as arbitrators of domestic arbitration organizations such as the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. East & Concord Partners is particularly adept at providing professional legal services for significant, perplexing, and complex cases. In all its years of legal practice, East & Concord Partners has handled countless dispute resolution cases resulting in successful, favorable decisions, with many cases argued before the Supreme People’s Court. Cases handled by the firm include: civil & commercial contract disputes (both domestic and international) such as cargo transactions, foreign investment, real estate development, project contracts, finance and insurance claims, infringement disputes, administrative reconsideration, administrative lawsuits, and criminal cases. With rich experience, sound strength, and its remarkable achievements, East & Concord Partners has always held a leading position in dispute resolution.

In the field of commercial arbitration, we handle domestic and foreign cases related to:
•  Disputes regarding sales contracts;
•  Contract disputes regarding foreign investments;
•  Disputes regarding real estate development contracts;
•  Disputes regarding engineering contracts;
•  Contract disputes regarding finance and insurance.

Our litigation lawyers have expertise in civil, criminal and administrative procedures. In our successful dispute resolution practice, we have represented clients in court appearances at every judicial level in China including Hong Kong SAR and certain landmark cases that East & Concord Partners was involved in are still part of compulsory law school curriculum. Areas of expertise include:
•  Contract Law;
•  Corporate Law;
•  Investment and Banking Law;
•  Insurance Law;
•  Real Estate;
•  Intellectual Property Right;
•  Information Technology;
•  Securities Law;
•  Commercial Infringement;
•  Personal Rights and Right of Reputation;
•  Administrative Law;
•  Criminal Law.

Resolution of administrative dispute requires not only solid knowledge of administrative laws and regulations but also an in-depth practical understanding of administrative procedure and local administrative culture. With long term experience gained over the years in central and local governments, East & Concord Partners has thorough resources to resolve administrative affairs in a comprehensive and pragmatic way. Areas of expertise include:
•  Negotiation;
•  Application;
•  Application for reconsideration;
•  Representation in administrative litigation;
•  Representation in state compensation;
•  Representation in administrative reconsideration by the State Counsel.

With law and policy intertwined, labor dispute is complex. With dispute outcome having an exemplary effect on corporate personnel stabilization, many multinational employers pay close attention to labor disputes entrusting their labor matters to East & Concord Partners. Areas of expertise include:
•  Assessing weight of dispute;
•  Negotiation on behalf of clients;
•  Representing clients in labor arbitration proceedings;
•  Representing clients in labor dispute litigation and appeals.


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