Corporate compliance is one of the traditional core businesses of East & Concord Partners which has a strong corporate compliance team with broad international vision and rich local practice experience. Many lawyers of East & Concord Partners have served as government supervision and law enforcement officials or prosecutors. The compliance team can customize the compliance plan for clients according to their needs, and provide a full range of compliance services, including anti-commercial bribery, anti-monopoly, anti-dumping, cybersecurity, data compliance, personal information protection, international trade, labor and employment, environmental protection, intellectual property rights, duty crime and commercial crime. The compliance team has the ability to help clients improve compliance control and effectively reduce all kinds of compliance risks that may occur in their business operation process.

Scope of Services

● Developing compliance plans

● Legal risk assessment, risk prevention and risk response in companies’ daily operation

● Developing compliance-related systems to meet the specific needs of clients

● Assisting in establishing effective compliance management systems

● Corporate governance

● Compliance due diligence and compliance monitoring of transaction parties

● Responding to inspections and investigations by administrative departments, and representing clients in administrative hearings, administrative reconsideration and litigation proceedings

● Compliance internal investigation and simulated uninformed investigations by government departments

● Investigation and handling of corporate internal violations

● Compliance training for employees

● Contract compliance review

● Reviewing compliance systems

● Setting up a hotline for compliance supervision

● Risk assessment and prevention of criminal liability of enterprises and senior executives

● Responding to criminal investigations and providing criminal defense

● Daily legal consultation related to compliance


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