Providing legal services for Japanese companies investing in China and Chinese companies investing in Japan is one of the important business areas of East & Concord Partners. Since its establishment, East & Concord Partners has focused on developing its Japan Practice and after 20 years of development and, with more than 30 lawyers and patent agents who are proficient in Japanese, East & Concord has one of the largest Japan Practice in China.

Lawyers in the Japan Practice Department are all from prestigious universities at home and abroad including University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Keio University, Kobe University, University of Yamanashi and Niigata University, and have significant experiences working in well-known law firms in Japan.

Lawyers in the Japan Practice Department are not only proficient in Japanese, but also are able to provide clients with targeted professional legal services through their personal understanding of the similarities and differences between Chinese and Japanese cultures and legal systems.

Scope of Services

● Direct Investment and M&A

Industry access policy consultation

Design and optimization of transaction structures

Due diligence and business compliance consultation

Business negotiation and the establishment of companies

Centralized declaration of business operators

Consultation on government examination and approval, filing, registration and other matters

Other legal advisory services related to investment and mergers and acquisitions

● Restructuring and Withdrawal

Division, merger and asset transfer of Japanese companies

Liquidation of Japanese companies

● Risk Management and Compliance Management

Assessment of legal risks and countermeasures

Establishment and improvement of compliance systems

Legal consultation on and response to key compliance issues related to commercial bribery, anti-monopoly law, anti-unfair competition, export control and other trade compliance issues

Assisting in compliance investigations and administrative investigations

Assisting in handling external complain windows and compliance incidents

Compliance training

● Settlement of International Trade Disputes

Responding to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations

● Intellectual Property

Application and registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights

Responding to the invalidation and reexamination of patents and trademarks

Drafting and negotiation of technology licensing contracts and transfer contracts

Intellectual property protection by China customs

Intellectual property litigation

● Network Security and Data Protection

Legal consultation on the classification, filing, rectification and daily management of network security level protection

Investigation and evaluation of a company’s internal network security and data protection

Formulation and modification of privacy policies, user agreements, management systems and procedures related to personal information and data protection

Daily and special legal services related to personal information and data protection compliance

● Matters Related to the Labor Law

Drafting and revising a company’s employment rules and personnel management system, and providing legal advice related to democratic procedures

Drafting and revising labor contracts

Settling labor contract disputes

Dispute Resolution

Debt recovery

Representation in other civil and commercial, administrative and criminal proceedings

● Legal Consultation Related to Daily Business

Legal consultation on daily operation of Japanese-funded enterprises

Consultation on industry laws and regulations

● Investment in Japan

Legal consultation and handling services related to domestic licensing, registration and filing of outbound investment

Communicate with Japanese partners and cooperate in due diligence investigations involving Japanese investment targets

Communicating and cooperating with Japanese lawyers to conduct due diligence towards Japanese entities to be invested

Communicating and cooperating with Japanese lawyers to prepare and deal with legal documents and government procedures related to investments in Japan


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